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Whatever your budget, I can help guide you to the best property that fits your needs.
Looking to relocate to the area? I can help you with that.
Want a vacation getaway? We got that too.
Expecting to generate some income from an investment property? I can show you where to start. 

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More Info for Buyers

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times, but you don't need to go through it alone.

Buyer's Guide


There are many reasons why it’s easy to fall in love with homeownership. If you’re ready to find the home of your dreams, let’s connect.

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Buyer's Checklist

Follow this list with me and you will win

Figure out how much you can afford

• Calculate your monthly income and debt.
• Check your credit report and FICO score.
• Figure out your down payment.


Research the home you like best

• Ask your Realtor to pull a property profile and map.
•Ask your Realtor to do an interior video of the property.
•  Look up the history of the home, sales and purchases. 
• Look up taxes and utility costs.
• Ask for property disclosures.
• Ask why the sellers are selling. 
•Look at comps and market trends 


Talk to a Lender

• Choose a type of mortgage.
•Speak to at least five lenders and mortgage brokers.
• Shop for the best interest rates and programs.


Make and offer and negotiate

•Determine the purchase price.
• Include contingencies, such as financial, inspection or purchase.
• Spell out any special requests and repairs you want included in the sale.
• Determine an earnest money amount.
• Define a move-in date.
• Once both parties agree to the terms, sign the Purchase Agreement.


Determine what you need and want in a home

• Choose a location (lakeside, golf course, ski slopes)
• Choose a type (single family, townhouse, condo, loft).
• Choose a price range.
• Choose a size.
• Choose an architectural style (chalet, full log, log kit, maltby, sierra).


Finalize the deal

• Get an Appraisal
• Get an inspection
• Choose home insurance
• Complete the loan process
•  Sign all the paperwork
• Be sure you understand your closing costs and cash need to complete the transaction 


 Research how you will use the property

• Will this be an Airbnb?
• Full time income producing property?
• Family get away that is empty otherwise?
Moving into the area permanently?


Close escrow

• Review the settlement document at least 2 days before closing to see how funds will be collected and distributed.
• Get a cashier's check for the amount you need to bring to closing, including the down payment and closing costs.
• Don't forget to set a closing date and move-in date.
• Set up utilities.

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Check out the neighborhoods

• Some neighborhoods are better for specific use of property.
•Some neighborhoods have rules that could hinder your search.
• Some pockets of homes have characteristics that can be a plus or a hinderance to your desired needs.  


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